The Problems Of Teenagers

The life of a teenager can be complicated sometimes. It is a difficult age and there are many problems on the way of becoming adults. For example, the choice of free-time activities, parent-child misunderstanding, the choice of future profession, dealing with the first love and so on. All teenagers have their own views on their life and future. They often stay alone with their thoughts because nobody seems to understand them. In this situation it’s better to talk to someone who is more experienced in life matters. One of the most common problems is the misunderstanding between teens and their parents. It has always been a problem but each generation becomes more difficult than the previous. Teenagers think that they are old enough to have their own opinion, while their parents don’t take their opinion into account. It is not right. Adults should try to give more attention to their children especially at such a difficult age. Teenagers also need more freedom of choice and less pressure. They are the future of our country and a lot depends on what kind of people they will become. The problem of drug is also actual at this age. Many teenagers suffer from drug addiction. It often leads to health problems and serious consequences. Other issues include smoking and drinking alcohol. Teenagers often meet their first love. It is a wonderful time for them and one of the best stages of life. This event stays in one’s memory forever. Unfortunately, the first love can have unhappy endings. It leads to problems in communication even with the best friends. Clearly there are a lot of problems in teenagers’ lives. However, there are some wonderful moments that can happen only when you are young. So, it’s better to enjoy the time!

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