1.I am a student. 2. You are a teacher. 3. Mr. A is a man. 4. Marie is a girl. 5. The man  is in the train. 6. We are students. 7. I am Mr. C. 8. What are yoy? 9. Who is he? 10. How are you? 11. What is Henri? 12. What am i? 13. Who are you? 14. Whi am i? 15. Am i a student? 16. Is he a student? 17. Is she a woman? 18. Are they wainters? 19. Are you all boys? 20. Am i the teacher? 21. Are you Mr. C.? 22. Are you Mrs. H.? 23. Is he Mr. K.? 24. There is one mountain in the picture. 25. Are there two mountains in the picture? 26. There are three pencils on the table. 27. There is an egg in the egg-cul. 28. There are fifteen students in the class. 29. Is there one mountain in the picture? 30. Yes. That is right, there is only one.

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