Rick Hoyt

Thriatlons. In the triathlon ,people swim our kilometres,cycle 180 kilometres and then run a marathon , 42 kilometres . Rick can’t run cycle or swim because  he’s in a wheelchair. So how can he take part in a triathlon.

Rick can take part because he does it with his father , Dick Hoyt. In the running,his ather pushes him in his wheelchair. In the swimming ,Rick lies in a small boat and pulls him.Andin the cycling ,Rick sits in a special seat on the front of Dick’s bike. Together ,they are ″Team Hoyt″.

Of course , Team Hoyt never wins the race . The winner o a triathlon usulli inishes in about nine hours .The Hoyts usualli take about 14 or 15 hours .′ That’s right ′, seys Dick.′Rick and l never win. But we think that we always win.′


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